Complete Face App – Digital Encyclopedia covering all facial injectables in the world

Complete Face App

Trish Hammond: I’m here with Dr Steven Liew who’s one of the co-creators of the new face app that’s out in the moment so I’m just going to get him to tell you a little bit about that, so I thank you so much.

Dr Steven Liew: Thank you.

Trish Hammond: Tell us about it… I’ve seen it, it looks amazing.

Dr Steven Liew: Well, it’s called Complete Face and I’m proud to announce that it is the very first digital app that covers all the facial injectables in the world.

The idea came to me about 6 years ago where I ran a very small workshop for doctors. The demand is high, I’m time poor; so I decided to create an app so that people can reference to look at it. It’s almost like attending a private anatomy and injection workshop on a one-on-one basis except this, you can access it any time and anywhere you want.

It is an app that has about 200 high-definition videos. It covers every part of the facial anatomies. It covers patient assessment. It covers patient marking. It covers injection technique in a step-wise pattern. We’re showing you pre- and post; and the type of material, type of products that you can use for a specific part of the face. More importantly, it is doing it in such a way to promote safe and good outcome type of practice. It is available online, on

Trish Hammond: Great. If you’re in the clinic and you actually have a question, you can look it up there and then.

Dr Steven Liew: Yeah. I-

Trish Hammond: It’s like having you on your phone.

Dr Steven Liew: Correct. Well, it’s almost having me talking to you any time you want.

Trish Hammond: Yeah.

Dr Steven Liew: One of the best reviews that we’ve heard is “it’s almost like I’m attending a workshop except I have you talking to me directly”. The other thing is we know that when we go to big conferences, a lot of time we go from one room to the other trying to look for that little pearls. I’m proud to say that we have all the pertinent, important information for you all in the digital platform – whether it’s your iPhone or your tablets or on your computer.

Trish Hammond: Fantastic. It’s great because some … You can have training in your own clinic. You can do it wherever you are.

Dr Steven Liew: I think for more information, go You will have a preview of the app and have a look at what other colleagues, whether in Australia or overseas – because this app is actually designed for someone who are just beginners to highly advanced level; because it covers everything from very basic -from the lip, nasolabial fold, or frown line to high advanced hollow orbit to the parotid gland, to the masseter to the neck lifting, so something for everyone.

Trish Hammond: If you can’t get to venues like this or if you’re a little bit far away or if you’re just starting out, it sounds like the perfect app. Get in touch with

Dr Steven Liew: Thank you.