Breast Implant Placement

There is often debate over the best place to have breast implants inserted. Under the muscle? Over the muscle? Partially under and partially over? It can get confusing. It depends on the individual patient as to the best place to put the implant, and your plastic surgeon will help determine what is best for you. Different factors affect the placement, and we asked Dr Graham Sellars, Plastic Surgeon from Sydney, to help us understand what they are, how each technique works and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

What are the different options for breast implant placement?

There are generally three different places breast implants can be placed. These are:

Submuscular – behind the chest muscle wall
Subglandular – in front of the chest muscle, behind the mammary gland
Subpectoral – under the pectoralis major muscle

Dr Sellars says each of these options has positives and negatives and none are particularly better than others, although one might be better than another for a particular patient either based on their physicality or because of their lifestyle. Eg. More athletic women might prefer the subglandular placement because it is less likely to get in the way of exercising and gym work. However, it also depends on the amount of breast tissue available – if there is not enough you may have an increased chance of rippling due to the implant being right under the skin, flesh and gland in this placement.

Dr Sellars says, “Breast Implants that are placed underneath the muscle (submuscular) tend to have a more natural shape in thin women and a lower chance of capsular contracture, or hardening of the implant. It is also easier for mammograms. Breast Implants that are placed underneath the breast gland (subglandular) generally look natural in women with thicker tissue over the muscle and age more naturally in women with a good amount of (pre-op) breast volume. They also better correct sagging of the breast.”

Dr Sellars also reminds us there is a choice as to placement of incisions and subsequent scars. “Breast augmentation incisions can be done either in the crease under the breast, under the areola around the nipple or In the armpit. All of these have advantages and disadvantages which you should discuss at your consultation with your plastic surgeon.”

Dr Graham Sellars is one of Sydney’s most experienced plastic surgeons and performs a large number of breast augmentations with some beautiful results. If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Sellars phone (02) 9473 8577.

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