What women want – Body Image Goals with Dr Michael Miroshnik

Body Image Goals

What Women Want with Dr Michael Miroshnik Sydney Plastic Surgeon and Breast Master

Social media plays a huge part in the latest what’s hot or not, including beauty trends and aesthetics. Body image goals – social media and what women want, with Dr Michael Miroshnik. Dr Miroshnik, renowned Aussie plastic surgeon based in Sydney NSW, talked about this very topic at the Breast Masters Symposium 2018, held at the end of last year and he chatted and shared his presentation with us so we could understand how it’s all connected.

Body Image Goals
Dr Michael Miroshnik

Dr Miroshnik says while it’s a bit of a controversial topic, it’s an important one, because social media is where patients and surgeons can connect to better understand what patients want in terms of results from their procedures.

“It’s always a dangerous topic for a male surgeon to give a lecture – about what women want, but I’ve been asked to do so – so here goes! I’ve noticed that to stay at the forefront of breast aesthetics, a lot of the concepts I have originate from Instagram and Facebook. Just seeing social trends… not unlike fashion houses who also just watch where things are going, trend wise. To be in touch with what social media savvy women want, obviously we as surgeons need to look at social media otherwise we have two different languages and there can be a communication breakdown when someone has something in their mind that they want to achieve and the surgeon has a completely different goal that’s only based on papers and meetings.”

Body Image Goals – What are the current trends? What do women want?

Body Image Goals
Dr Miroshnik’s breast work has such a large following his patients are known as the “Dr M Girls”

Dr Miroshnik says there are a few more common things he is asked for from patients when it comes to their body image goals. “So wearing a dress without a bra is a big one. Ok, there has never been a plastic surgery lecture about making breasts look good without a bra but that’s the reality. Patients say, ‘you know I wish I had the boobs that did the bra thing without a bra,’ and in Instagram this is what you see. You see dresses that are strapless, backless, plunging necklines.. and again the influencers get that. And so when this patient comes in, if they didn’t articulate that to you and then they buy a strapless dress and our aesthetic result is not conducive to that then you’ve got a disappointed patient. It’s impossible for us to ignore this as aesthetic surgeons if you’re trying to stay on trend and at the top of your game…plus trying to advance our industry for other surgeons at the same time.”

“I’m constantly trying to develop new concepts, and you can’t ignore social media because that’s the source, that’s where the patients are getting ideas. So, as a result, year after year I alter my strategies, techniques and thoughts often based on what’s going on social media. So, if a patient comes in, she wants a breast lift and she brings in this photo and she likes that look; I know she is not going to wear a bra occasionally so i base my planning around that. The nipple is well above the IMF, it’s in the middle, because that’s the model of the type of breast you want in a lift result based on not wearing a bra and having a plunging neckline.”

Dr Miroshnik says there are so many other trends constantly coming up. “Some examples include the close cleavage line; the “did she or didn’t she” augmentation which forces us to use fat grafting and other techniques to conceal the lines that may be interpreted as an augment. Keeping the torso on look, maintaining an attractive waistline, using your own fat alone, minimal downtime, the words “side boob”… the patient comes in now and says I want more side boob or under boob and wish list photos. How to achieve these looks are not in standard plastic surgery textbooks or teaching. They are on social media invented by the patient and fashion houses. As surgeons, we’re servicing patients and so to get a happy patient we must speak their language and at least make an attempt to understand what their goals and drives are.”

Body Image Goals
Some of the happy Dr M girls

Body Aesthetics and Proportions

Dr Miroshnik says it’s important for the patient and surgeon to consider proportions especially torsos and waistlines. “I picked up that by own observations because I started to see people with large augments, they had very little torso and long legs, and I just thought that doesn’t look great. It’s about getting a balance between the torso and upper part on a type zero fold, again, an Instagram confirmation. So, my current aesthetic practice, it’s kind of different from our old practice. I encourage people to bring photos – it’s the only way I get to know what’s on their mind, to get on their wavelength. I will disagree with any unrealistic expectations from patients. It becomes a talking point – as a surgeon you can just say no. No, that’s not achievable. As a surgeon you should be able to look at the photo and say whether something is achievable or not, even if it might take two or three operations. Then it’s up to the patient to say, well, it’s always been my lifelong dream, I’m going to go ahead with these procedures.”

Dr Michael Miroshnik has his own large following on social media due to his progressive thinking and ability to provide outstanding results for his patients. If you’d like more information on Dr Miroshnik check out his listing or if you’d like to arrange a consultation click here. You can also check out some of his AMAZING before and after pics on his Instagram.