Better Breast Fat Transfer Results with the AdipSculpt

AdipSculpt - fat transfer to breasts

Fat transfer or fat grafting is now an easily accessible and increasingly common procedure with many Australian plastic surgeons offering the technique due to popular demand. The science behind fat transfer has greatly advanced since it first appeared 30 years ago, and it is now considered a safe and effective option for many cosmetic enhancement procedures. Dr Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery in Newcastle is getting better breast fat transfer results than ever with the AdipSculpt fat transfer process and we talk to him about why he believes this method is superior.

AdipSculpt fat grafting breast Dr Nicholas MoncrieffFat Transfer suitable for almost anywhere

I think most of us have joked or dreamed about moving the fat from our butts to our boobs, although there’s more than a few patients moving fat to their butts nowadays too! “I use fat grafting in the setting of Brazilian buttock lifts (BBL) where large volumes of fat are harvested to restore volume and shape to a buttock. I have also used it in body contouring cases such as liposuction and abdominoplasty where I might want to do a mini BBL with only relatively small volumes.”

However, one of the most popular is definitely moving fat to boobs. Dr Moncrieff has had some amazing results using AdipSculpt with breast implant augmentation and says, “Because I have a body and breast aesthetic surgical practice, I use fat grafting in both primary and secondary breast augmentation cases. Patients have been very positive about the results and often say they can really see where the fat grafting has made the difference between a good result and a great result in their breast implants augmentation. It can be the way to take a 7/10 result to a 9.5/10!”

Why is the AdipSculpt process so successful?

AdipSculpt fat grafting breast Dr Nicholas MoncrieffDr Moncrieff says one of the reasons why AdipSculpt is so successful is because the process maximises the fat graft take (the amount of fat that survives the graft). He expands, “I believe that Adipsculpt really refines the fat grafting because each step of the Adipsculpt fat transfer process has been researched and developed by their team so as to maximise clinical outcomes.”

Dr Moncrieff says he uses Adipsculpt in secondary aesthetic breast procedures where there is some rippling or minor deformity associated with the breast implant. “In this situation Adipsculpt alone has been very useful in resolving irregularities.”

Dr Moncrieff says the procedure is appealing to patients because there are no foreign materials such as soft tissue filler being injected. “The fat that is harvested, processed and injected is the patient’s own. I think that this is what is appealing to patients. They also like that it is their own tissue that that has helped their result. Of course, the fact that they are getting a bit of liposuction as well as part of the procedure to reduce any unwanted bulges or curves.. a true gift with purchase!!”

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