Best TV Shows about Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Best TV Shows about plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

Top Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery TV Show List

Which TV shows can give you the best behind-the-scenes view of Plastic Surgery?

There is something viewers just love about plastic surgeons performing a live operation of a tummy tuck, breast lift or nose job on TV. It is either fascinating or disturbing, depending on your view about the show.

Whether it is the rise of these TV Shows or celebrities talking openly about the procedures their surgeons have, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has reported a rise in plastic surgery over the last few years and especially during and after CoVid. We think that it’s a good thing. If something like plastic surgery can build up your confidence, why not?

The doctors and plastic surgeons claim that it offers an educational value to clients which it does. However, it is encouraging people to opt for plastic surgery. However, viewers must keep in mind that plastic surgeons show only a part of surgery on the TV show. There is a lot more that goes into it. Nobody recovers in a matter of one episode.

Best TV Shows about plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

These Plastic Surgery TV shows have contributed positively towards the decision-making process. A survey was done in the year 2007 which shows that viewers feel more informed and knowledgeable about the entire plastic surgery process. However, only five percent of people felt the urge to choose cosmetic surgery after watching a show.

The bottom line is that it is just entertainment. If you are looking to get a procedure done inspired by a TV show, the best way to schedule a consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with a FRACS(Plas) Qualification.

Plastic surgeons of today are very active on social media which has made the entire idea of cosmetic surgery much more comfortable.

Here are the Best shows on plastic surgery TV shows:

List of Top Plastic Surgery TV Shows

Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeover made it to the screen in 2002. In this show, people received 180-degree makeover with the help of diet, exercise and stylists, makeup artists and of course plastic surgeons. It was one of the first TV shows which showed plastic surgery. This resulted in a lot of criticism on the show and controversies. If you look good you feel good. However, many people in that era disagreed with the concept. Critics claim that it results in an unnecessary emphasis on body image and also promoted eating disorders. Despite all the criticism from the critics, many teens viewed this show as inspirational. I guess it’s all about how you view a show, a picture or a procedure. If it makes you feel good, go ahead and watch it. If it doesn’t, watch something else which inspires you. Plastic surgery was created to make you feel good, not the other way around.


The E! reality TV series Botched features celebrity plastic surgeons and is certainly regarded as one of the most realistic shows till date. The star surgeons include Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. These star surgeons fix the procedures gone wrong. The show is a gentle reminder that surgery is not always the answer to your problems. Moreover, if you don’t choose the right surgeon, you can end up being BOTCHED. The show is not only entertaining but also educational. The show mainly received positive feedback as it showcased both good and bad signs of plastic surgery. It knocks a little more sense into the audience by displaying the worst aspect of plastic surgery and highlighting the importance of choosing the right plastic surgeon.


Nip/Tuck is another popular TV series which first came on the air in the year 2003. It is a scripted series which revolves around Miami Based Plastic surgery centre, headed by Dr Sean McNamara and Dr Christian Toy. The show caused a stir as it showed many graphic details and depictions of the most popular surgeries. The show aired for 7 years extremely successfully. It won 4 awards in total including the prestigious Golden Globe and Emmy as well. Despite all the success, it did receive some negativity because it touched on many taboo subjects. Regardless, it is still considered as an inspirational show by many.

Dr. 90210

Dr. 90210 is a reality show which was produced by the E! It aired from 2004 to 2008 and now in 2020 with an all-new cast. The producers of Dr. 90210 said that they were extremely inspired by Nip/Tuck show. The show stars real surgeons from Beverly Hills. The show follows a particular format; introduction of the patient, concerns of patients and cosmetic procedure. It shows sort of semi-graphic footage of the real surgeries which sparks controversies regarding the show. Another commonly received criticism of this show is that most patients shown on the show are addicted to plastic surgery and already have some kind of surgeries done. It is still another entertaining show to watch if you are not triggered by graphic content and plastic surgery in general.

The Swan

The Swan was another popular show which is based on cosmetic makeovers. It aired on TV in the year 2004 and sparked a lot of fans and controversy. The show is named after the legend of ugly duckling which blossoms into a swan. In each episode, participants are assigned a team of plastic surgeons, dentist, coaches, trainers and therapists which help the patient transform their looks in three months. The key differentiator of this show, as well as the key source of attracting negativity, is that contestants competed for modelling contracts as well as other prices. It only had two seasons as it failed to hit the ratings and impress the audience.

I Want a Famous Face

If you secretly watch people online who alter their appearance to look like Barbie or any real-life celebrities, you will enjoy this TV show. The show aired in 2004 on MTV. It features people who went a little too far with being obsessed with a particular celebrity. Some of the most sought after celebrities included Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez, Britany Spears and Brad Pitt. It was a one-season show and received massive criticism about being fake and scripted. A couple of cast members also said that they were told to say certain thinks by MTV. The producers however disagree and said they wanted to portray “how tense the surgeries are, the risks involved, and how difficult the recovery process is.”

Atlanta Plastic

Consider this show as a real-life Nip/Tuck. The highlight of this show is its strong focus on the black community. The percentage of black patients was about per cent. It was the first of its kind and educated clients about ethnic plastic surgery. Apart from the glamorous aspect of plastic surgery, it gave black surgeons a platform to speak about important matters such as race, ethnicity and challenges associated with it. It was a huge step forward on the TV not in terms of ethnic plastic surgery but also matters of race.

The Doctors

This show cannot be regarded as a solely plastic surgery show but it devotes a lot of time on subjects related to plastic surgery. Andrew Orden who is one of the hosts of the show is also a celebrity plastic surgeon. The doctors talk about everything from celebrity plastic surgeons to issues that come with plastic surgery. The show features doctors like Dr Oz and Dr Mehmet who have been under fire for various controversies. We guess that every TV show done on plastic surgery will receive criticism from the audience regardless of the intent behind it. Everyone will have a different perception of the show as per their minds.

Bridal Plasty

Bridalplasty aired in the year 2010 on E! Network. The show revolves around 12 women who are engaged and all set to compete to win a wedding transformation. All of the women on the show had a wish list, not just a wedding wish list but a plastic surgery wish list. Every week, there are wedding-themed challenges. The winner of each challenge gets to tick of one thing from her plastic surgery wish list. The winner of the entire season not only gets to check off her plastic surgery bucket list but also gets the wedding of her dreams. It only lasted one season due to the decreased viewership and criticism for taking the plastic surgery a little too far.

Addicted to Beauty

Addicted to Beauty is an American reality television show. It aired on Oxygen US channel. It involves plastic surgery and day spa which is based in San Diego, California. The prime focus of the show is the relationship between staff members of Plastic surgery and day spa San Diego. Cast includes Dianne York-Goldman, Gilbert W. Lee, Gary Erwin, Melanie “Mel” Bivins, Natasha Porlas, Ronnie Morgan, and Shannyn Pareo. It is one of our personal favourites. Many people criticize it for being too scripted but we find it very entertaining.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

This is not a dedicated plastic surgery show but a significant portion of it revolves around plastic surgery. As evident from the name, the show revolves around real and rich Housewives of Orange County. Contrary to what one might perceive, everything isn’t picture perfect even in the lap of luxury. Plastic surgeries, working out, eating and shopping are certainly high on their priority lists. This is a very entertaining show. It’s the kind of show one can binge watch in one go. There are two very contradictory opinions about this show. Both of them are very popular; it is scripted, it is extremely real. What are your thoughts? We have a very neutral opinion and think that it’s very entertaining (which is the whole point of these TV shows, isn’t it so?).

BONUS – Not a Plastic Surgery TV Show – but the Plastic Surgery Channel is also good

USA Plastic Surgeon William Adams runs the PSC – Plastic Surgery Channel interviewing Plastic Surgeons across the world.

Any more suggestions for Plastic Surgery TV Shows?

We hope you found this article interesting and you can always refer to it when you want an interesting or fun plastic surgery  show to watch.

Have you watched any of these TV shows or have seen all of them? They are very interesting and entertaining. Plus, it’s cool to see how plastic surgery, the perception of plastic surgery and TV shows made on plastic surgery have evolved over the last two decades.

The plastic surgery shows which aired in 2002 is very different from the show which aired in 2022. What are your thoughts about it? Send us an email We would love to find out.

Last but not the least, these shows are created for entertainment purposes. If you want to be educated on plastic surgery or require consultation, it is advised to book a consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon.

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