10 Things to Consider Before Having Breast Augmentation Surgery

10 things to consider when having breast augmentation

Who are you having cosmetic surgery for?

You may want to discuss your decision to have cosmetic surgery with close family and friends, but ultimately the decision to have surgery is yours and yours alone. Never let anyone pressure you into having surgery, which could easily lead to disappointment and resentment.

Surgery CostHow much do you want to spend on surgery?

As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for with cosmetic surgery. If you look hard enough you’ll be able to find clinics offering cut price operations – but will the implants be the highest quality available? Will your surgeon be BAAPS or BAPRAS registered (or the equivalent if you’re having surgery outside the UK)? Will there be an aftercare package in place to make sure you’re protected if things don’t go to plan? While you don’t want to pay any more than you have to, if you value your body you should avoid cutting corners and be prepared to pay a fair price.

Do you know all the risks associated with surgery in general?

While most cosmetic surgery is performed without incident, it’s important you’re aware of the possible complications that can occur with any operation. Swelling and bruising are common early on but rarely could last for months if you’re unlucky, while if there’s an infection it could require antibiotics or even in extreme cases further surgery. The pain is usually not very severe but you’ll have to take painkillers to handle any pain early on.

What size and shape do you want?

There’s a preconception that breast implants can look fake. In reality by choosing the right size and shape (round or teardrop) for your body you can easily achieve a natural look if that’s what you desire. It’s an individual and personal choice.

Do you have realistic expectations?

The majority of people report feeling happier and more confident after cosmetic surgery, but your expectations for what cosmetic surgery will achieve must be realistic. A responsible surgeon will ensure that you have a good understanding of the physical and psychological changes that will result from breast augmentation.

Where do you want to have surgery?

You will undoubtedly be aware of the numerous companies offering cheap operations in South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. As well as being cheaper, prospective patients are attracted to the idea of combining surgery with a break in the sun. The truth is that recovering from an operation in a foreign country is much less glamorous than you’d imagine. Wherever you opt to have surgery ensure you have a consultation with your surgeon beforehand, and do as much research as possible so you know that you’ll be safe and satisfied with the outcome.

Do you want to stay in hospital overnight?

Many people assume that if you’re having a breast augmentation you’ll need to spend the night in hospital. In fact, some clinics offer the choice of being in and out of hospital the same day, allowing you to recover in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

DiaryDo you have a clear diary?

While recovering from cosmetic surgery doesn’t take as long as you might imagine, you’ll nevertheless have to take a couple of weeks off from work.

Do you plan on having any children after surgery?

If you’re planning on having children after breast augmentation surgery you need to be aware that it may affect your chances of successfully breastfeeding. While the majority of women don’t have a problem you should discuss this with your surgeon if it concerns you. Meanwhile, if you’ve just given birth, experts suggest you should wait 6 months until you’ve finished breastfeeding more having a breast augmentation.

Do you want to bring someone with you to your consultation?

Having a friend or family member to support you during your consultation can be a great comfort. Also, they may think of questions to ask that you overlook and will make sure that the consulting surgeon is acting in your best interests.

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