Before & After
Q. Does it hurt?

A. A Compounded numbing cream, is applied approximately half an hour to 45 minutes before the treatment and the actual treatment is said to feel like a light pressure being applied to the face with an average pain score of 2/10. Most patients say the treatment is completely comfortable and pain-free.

Q. How Many Treatments Will You Need?

A. Most practitioners suggest that three treatments at around four to six weeks apart will provide the best results, however single treatments are available for those patients wanting less obvious results.

Q. How long does the treatment take?

A. The actual Vivace treatment takes around 45 minutes, with an additional 30 to 45 minutes needed for numbing.

Q. What is the recovery like and how long does it last for?

A. Most patients go out hours after the treatment with no makeup at all. Most patients do not show signs of any treatment the same evening of the treatment. To maximize the Vivace treatment during the first four to six hours, it is recommended you use the Soothe Weekly Mask and Soothe Recovery System. It is recommended you wait at least six hours before you apply makeup, and you may even wait until the next morning. Every patient is different but the new collagen and elastin will continue to strengthen and improve over the next six months and this will continue to show in improved results.