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What does Venus Bliss do?

The Venus Bliss is used for non-surgical fat reduction. By implementing the use of diode laser applicators to target adipose tissue under the hypodermis while not harming the epidermis, fat cells are disturbed and eventually eliminated by the lymphatic system of the body. The end result is a reduction in fat cells in the area of treatment.

How does Venus Bliss work?

The system utilises 4 diode lasers set at a particular wavelength to target fat cells just under the skin. This non-invasive technique disturbs the fat cells, allowing the body to naturally absorb and dispose of them in the designated area.

Is Venus Bliss safe?

There have been several studies on the Venus Bliss, up to 90% of patients have reported that the process was comfortable. It is considered safe for all skin tones as well, which makes it an attractive treatment for fat reduction.

Does Venus Bliss hurt?

The Venus Bliss is not an invasive procedure, therefore it should not be painful. You may feel a manageable amount of discomfort as the lasers heat up in the desired area. However, most patients have described the treatment as comfortable.