Laser treatments for snoring have been available in Australia since the early nineties. It is continuing to receive wider recognition as the method of choice for alleviating chronic snoring.

Snoring is caused by droopiness or swelling of the soft palate and other tissues in your throat and mouth. A laser device can be focused precisely by a sophisticated lens system and delivered via a specially designed snoring handpiece.

The advantages of laser for snoring include easy access via the mouth and precise surface ablation. The laser procedure works in two parts. First, the laser preheats the delicate tissue blocking the airway. Then, a laser light strengthens this tissue. Strengthening these tissues prevents airway obstruction and markedly reduce snoring.

Risks and Complications

The risks and complications with this type of treatment are rare. They can include the removal of too much tissue or skin, or infection on the surgical site. Naturally, it is important to contact your doctor or surgery to advise of any complications or concerns you may have post-surgery.

Q. how long does it take to recover?

A. Recovery is incredibly fast. Patients are able to return to work and resume normal activity the day after the procedure. Of course each patient reacts differently to the treatment and recovers differently. Patients are expected to have a sore throat for 12-14 days after the surgery.

Q. Is the treatment painful?

A. Pain medications are prescribed to help alleviate the discomfort. For the few days, patients should be on a full liquid diet. The second week after surgery, a soft food diet is recommended. When you feel ready, you can slowly resume eating regular meals.