Fraxel Laser (Fractional Resurfacing)


You doctor or consultant will prepare your skin by cleaning it first, then applying an anaesthetic ointment approximately an hour before the procedure. After the treatment they will administer laser rays to the targeted tissues. The process takes between 20 to 25 minutes for a complete facial treatment.

For the Fraxel laser, multiple visits are generally required with the benefits becoming progressively perceptible, as the skin heals following each session.

Risks and Complications

Fraxel Laser is a new and a safe procedure. It carries little risk of damage to the skin.  It may however cause short-term redness which goes away within a few hours, sometimes a few days. It doesn’t damage the skin like traditional lasers. Anyone undergoing this procedure is advised to use a sunscreen for a period of about 3 months after the treatment. Risks and complications can be reduced by avoiding direct contact with the sun. Refraining from direct sun exposure is an absolute must.

After each treatment you may experience skin dryness and peeling but this also subsides within a couple of days, application of a simple moisturising cream will prevent this dryness.

Very rarely Fraxel laser may lead to skin hyper-pigmentation. It usually persists for a month and then fades away. There is a little risk of infection or scarring due to Fraxel laser treatments. It may leave your skin with a vaguely bronzed tone, but this will vanish within 2 weeks of the treatment.

Q. How soon will the results become apparent?

A. Within 3 to 7 treatment sessions; each session is spaced at an interval of about 1 week to 1 month.

Q. Is the Fraxel Laser treatment painful?

A. No, most people only experience a prickling sensation. The procedure is made pain-free by the application of a topical anaesthetic ointment. Cold compressions are also preferred by some of the doctors.

Q. How many Fraxel treatment sessions will be required in general?

A. Usually multiple treatment sessions are needed to achieve the most desirable effects. The particular numbers of treatments given depends on your objectives and desired results.

Q. What are the precautions necessary after treatment?

A. Use of sunscreen is required after a treatment for a period of about 3 months. Keep away from direct sun exposure especially during the healing process. The wearing of wide-brimmed hats is advised when outside.

Q. What are possible side-effects of Fraxel Laser?

A. The possible side-effects of Fraxel laser are minimal, possibly some skin dryness, maybe some redness. There may be slight discomfort. These possible side-effects subside within a day or two and require no medical intervention.