Q. Does EpiBlading hurt?

A. Not at all. The treatment should feel totally comfortable and relaxing.

Q. Will I grow more thicker/darker facial hair?

A. No. EpiBlading will gently remove any fine vellus hair (aka peach fuzz) and the rough dead skin build up. Hairs will not grow back thick, stubbly, or darker as there is no stimulation to the hair follicles to encourage excessive regrowth.

Q. How often can I have a treatment done?

A. EpiBlading treatments can be performed every 2 weeks on the right skin. However can also be every 4-6 weeks as a general maintenance.

Q. What are the benefits of EpiBlading?

A. EpiBlading removes excess dead skin build up and fine vellus hair which leaves the skin smooth and bare. Any following treatment such as IPL, Laser, LED, radio frequency, needling, peels or serums will penetrate deeper and have a more active effect within the skin

Q. Dermaplaning / EpiBlading / Epidermal Levelling, what’s the difference?

A. There isn’t one. They are all the same treatment; using a sterile surgical butter blade to remove any excess fine vellus hair and dead skin build up.

Q. What do I need to do before a treatment?

A. Nothing. Your skin therapist will prepare your skin before and then will perform the treatment. Ensuring your skin is well hydrated and healthy will prevent any post treatment inflammation.

Q. How will my skin look straight after?

A. Straight afterwards your skin can have a healthy, pink, flushed glow which is just circulation. This will subside within 1-4hours. Makeup and normal skin care routine can resume as per normal. No need to exfoliate for 3 days post treatment.

Q. Can I wear makeup straight after?

A. Yes, we recommend a pure mineral makeup to allow your skin to breathe and keep it fresh.

Q. What does the treatment involve?

A. When you arrive, your skin will be cleansed with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid cleanser to ensure no makeup or debris are present. Then a Beta Hydroxy Acid prep solution will be applied to remove any excess oil within the skin. EpiOil will then be layered over the treatment area, which is an oil based medium with healing, strengthening and anti inflammatory properties to allow the blade to seamlessly glide over the skin, making the treatment comfortable and pleasant.

Q. How can I become EpiBlading certified?

A. It’s as easy as 1, 2 3!
1 Enroll with us via [email protected] or 0476880311
2 Complete our training both online and face to face
3 Receive your certificate to be EpiBlading certified!

All equipment used to perform a treatment are availale for purchase on our website