Double Bubble Deformity – Potential Complication after Plastic Surgery

Double bubble deformity

Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Double Bubble Deformity Double bubble deformity is a complication that can occur when the breast implant descends below the inframammary fold. It’s a common problem after breast augmentation or breast reconstruction with submuscular implants. It’s believed that most of these cases happen due to the separation of the inframammary fold
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The Inframammary Fold and Breast Surgery – Avoiding the Double Bubble, with Dr Michael Miroshnik

Understanding the Inframammary Fold with Dr Michael Miroshnik Sydney Plastic Surgeon The “double bubble” is one of the more common problems in breast augmentation patients and while it definitely occurs more often in patients attending less qualified and experienced surgeons, it is an issue that can potentially affect any breast augmentation patient, even with the
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