What Is The Waterfall Effect? – Potential Complication after Breast Implants Surgery

Waterfall deformity breast implants

The Snoopy Dog Deformity after Getting Breast Implants Between 5 to 10 million women worldwide have breast implants. Around 30% of women remove or exchange their implants within ten years after breast augmentation surgery because of a breast implant deformity or complication.  The waterfall effect or the snoopy dog deformity is a kind of breast
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Animation Deformity – Possible Complication after Plastic Surgery

Animation deformity breast implants

A Potential Complication of Breast Implant Surgery is Animation Deformity Breast animation deformity is a breast-shape deformity that happens because of the excessive movement of breast implants during activities that engage the chest muscles. It’s a potential complication after breast augmentation and reconstruction surgery with implants positioned under the chest muscles. Implants inserted behind the
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