“OMG I need a facelift, how can I get the best one?” My Consultation with Dr Bryan Mendelson


Dr Bryan Mendelson is one of the most highly regarded plastic surgeons in Australia. He is renowned for his techniques in neck and facial rejuvenation. Dr Mendelson is invited to seminars and industry events all over the world to discuss his knowledge and expertise in the field. He is regularly enlisted to perform “live surgery” for other plastic surgeons, doctors and industry professionals to demonstrate his procedures and advances that are followed and learned by other surgeons worldwide.

It was because of this that I was extremely enthusiastic to have a consultation recently with Dr Mendelson. Having just turned 50, I think something happened to my brain! I don’t know what it is about that number, but I’ve been thinking about a neck and facelift for sometime but never actually moved forward on it, so today is the day. So in I headed with my 2 pages of questions in hand. I wanted to make sure everything I have always wanted to know was covered. I needed to be fully informed before I take the next step – or if I even DO the next step.

Thorough and considerate to my particular circumstances, Dr Mendelson asked me about my lifestyle and how I was feeling about myself and my appearance. He was able to look at my face and neck areas and explain the relevance and result of any neck or facial procedure that I may choose to have and explained the new technology versus the old. Dr Mendelson discussed how early surgeons would work on pulling the skin to tighten the face or neck areas, but it was now an almost obsolete practice; although he pointed out that unfortunately there were still some surgeons who carried out this work. He explained how only working on the deeper, support layers of the face would give you a more natural, lasting facelift. He reinforced that with a good quality facelift or procedure, people would not be able to tell you’d had any work done!

Trish's Facelift Consultation with Dr Mendelson
Trish’s Facelift Consultation with Dr Mendelson

Not only did he talk about the results and the procedure, but Dr Mendelson also discussed pre-op and after surgery care. We discussed how these were as important as choosing the right surgeon to do the actual procedure. Dr Mendelson mentioned how doing facial exercises before any facial procedure would be beneficial and contribute to a better recovery time and also stressed the importance of discontinuing any non-essential medications. He also advised me that any of his patients were encouraged to have a massage the day before surgery as it would help with the stress levels associated with any surgery! He encouraged any questions I had, such as how long the recovery time might be for any face procedure. Here’s a non-related article on Nose Job Recovery.

Dr Mendelson was completely open and genuine in his approach to do the right thing by his patients, and certainly answered all of questions. I didn’t even need to ask about ¾ of my list of questions as he covered these during the consultation. He was upfront in the chances of achieving realistic outcomes and expectations. Certainly something you want from someone going to work on the most visual part of your body – your face! I thought I’d done a fair bit of research as well, but nothing compares to having an actual consultation. I had no idea that coral is used to ‘increase’ the size of certain bones in the face too. Wow!

Dr Mendelson’s pre-eminence in his field has secured his reputation as one of the leaders of the current plastic surgery revolution, so it was unsurprising that his book, “In Your Face – The hidden history of plastic surgery and why looks matter” has become an industry success, and a must-read for anyone who has ever had, is considering, or even remotely interested in plastic surgery or the role beauty plays in our lives.

So if you’re after a ‘bargain’ facelift that takes little time, I suggest you don’t see Dr Mendelson. However if you are looking for a face or neck lift, don’t want anyone to know you’re having it done, and want to be sure you have an amazing result, I would highly recommend that you do yourself a favour and book in for a consultation with Dr Mendelson in Toorak VIC. People travel from all over the world to have surgery with him. You won’t be sorry you did.

Me, well I’m saving my $$$$ as we speak ☺

Oh, and if you are looking for a copy of Dr Mendelson’s book, you can get one from here.

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