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Dr Matthew Peters Massive Weight Loss and Skin Reduction – Yvonne’s Story

Combining Procedures - Yvonne's Excess Skin Removal

Yvonne’s excess skin removal – She had tried to lose weight for years and finally had gastric sleeve surgery which enabled her to lose a massive amount of weight. She then had several excess skin removal procedures with Dr Matthew Peters, Plastic Surgeon from Valley Plastic Surgery in Brisbane, QLD. Yvonne says her journey has
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What is enBloc? Breast Explant or Breast Implant Removal – With Dr Hertess

EnBloc Breast Explant or Breast Implant Removal

For any woman who’s considering having their breast implants removed, it’s important to know what happens in the process. Having your implant removed by a surgeon who knows what they’re doing is essential, and we chatted to Dr Isolde Hertess, Specialist Plastic Surgeon to tell us why you need to know what EnBloc is. What
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What to expect with a Mummy Makeover – with Dr Craig Rubinstein

For those of you who missed our Facebook Live chat with Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Craig Rubinstein on Mummy Makeover surgery, here it is for you to view at your leisure. He also chats with us about a heap of other procedures, post op care, and wound management. Dr Rubinstein heads Coco Ruby Plastic
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Jess’ Patient Story – Body Lift & Breast Surgery after Massive Weight Loss

Jess' Patient Story - Body Lift & Breast Surgery after Massive Weight Loss

Patient Story – Body Lift & Breast Surgery after Massive Weight Loss Before I had my Gastric Sleeve surgery in 2011, I asked the opinions of friends and family. What did they think of the surgery, would it help me, was it appropriate for me, could I do something so drastic, could I lose weight,
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Diane’s Story – Breast Augmentation / Tummy Tuck with Dr Mark Moore

Diane's Story

Diane had struggled with her weight for years. She always had trouble doing her jeans up at the waist. After having her first child at the age of 23 Diane’s weight started spiraling out of control, and by the time she was 47 years of age Diane reached her maximum weight of 119.3kg. Just 165cm
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