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Animation Deformity – Possible Complication after Plastic Surgery

Animation deformity breast implants

A Potential Complication of Breast Implant Surgery is Animation Deformity Breast animation deformity is a breast-shape deformity that happens because of the excessive movement of breast implants during activities that engage the chest muscles. It’s a potential complication after breast augmentation and reconstruction surgery with implants positioned under the chest muscles. Implants inserted behind the
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What is a Haematoma ? – possible complication after Plastic Surgery

Everything You Need To Know about Haematomas A haematoma is a collection of blood beneath the skin that looks like a bulging bruise and commonly occurs after plastic surgery. You can develop a haematoma within 48 hours following your procedure, or the blood can pool up over 7-10 days after your surgery and after the
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What is a Seroma ? – possible complication after Plastic Surgery

Seroma – Causes, Treatment, And Prevention A seroma is a collection of clear fluid under the skin that commonly occurs near incision sites after surgery. You can develop a fluid build up right after your plastic surgery, or the fluid can build up weeks after your procedure. Most seromas go away by themselves or are
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Celebrity Nose Job

Top Celebrities who had a Nose Job - Featured Image Facelift-Surgery-Facial-Rejuvenation-4

Best Before and After photos of Top Stars that had Celebrity Rhinoplasty About Nose Jobs A nose job or rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes either part of or the entire bone and the cartilage of the nose. This procedure reshapes the nose by reshaping the underlying structure that supports it. It is one
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Celebrity Facelift List – Who’s had a Facelift?

Celebrity Facelift Featured Image - Kris-Jenner

Celebrities having Facelift Surgery – Top Celebrities who had a facelift Many celebrities decide to undergo the facelift procedure to look younger. Depending on their age, they may choose to have a mini facelift, a full facelift, a deep plane facelift or even a ponytail facelift, the newest facelift method developed in the USA. These
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Which Celebrities have had Liposuction?

Celebrity Liposuction - Ariel-Winter

Celebrity Liposuction Surgery About Liposuction Over 350,000 liposuctions are done every year, which makes it one of the most common surgical procedures in the world. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes stubborn pockets of fat, especially after you’ve already lost the majority of your excess weight and would like to tone up the
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Celebrity Tummy Tuck

Top Celebrities who had a Tummy Tuck Featured Image - Sheryl Brown Tummy Tuck Surgery After

Best Before and After photos of Top Stars Tummy Tuck Back in the 60s, the average Australian woman had as many as 3.5 babies. Although that number has been declining ever since the thing that hasn’t changed is the effect pregnancy has on the body.  Most mums suffer from some lax skin on their belly
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Celebrity Breast Reduction

breast reduction vs breast lift surgery

Best Before and After Breast Reduction Photos of Stars About Breast Reduction Women in Australia have large breasts. So large that they are, in fact, 10th in the world by breast size. Although large breasts are a source of pride and femininity for many women, overly large breasts can cause significant issues. If you experience
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