Who are the Best Labiaplasty Surgeons in Australia?

Best Labiaplasty Surgeons In Australia

How to Find Top Labiaplasty Surgeons in Australia Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to reduce the size of labia minora, improve the aesthetics and reduce discomfort caused by pulling and twisting of the labia. A common reason women choose to undergo a Labiaplasty is to help them feel more comfortable. Some women
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Who are the Best Weight Loss Surgeons in Australia?

Best Weight loss Surgeons In Australia

How to Find a Top Bariatric Surgeon in Australia Looking for a Weight Loss Surgeon? Need an expert on your preferred Weight Loss Procedure? Want to find the best Bariatric Surgeon? What To Consider When Looking For an Expert Weight Loss Surgeon If you’re considering a Weight Loss surgery procedure, you have likely started to
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Why Men Love Big Breasts – What Medical Research Reveals

Why men love big breasts

Myths and Theories about Why Men Love Big Breasts In the vast spectrum of human attraction, one feature that often sparks curiosity and debate is the fascination with breasts, particularly large ones. This intrigue transcends cultures and generations, leading us to question: Why are large breasts so captivating, especially to men? In this blog, we’ll
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Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids – Possible Complication after Plastic Surgery

Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids - Possible Complication after Plastic Surgery

Causes, Treatments and Prevention of Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars after Plastic Surgery Keloids and hypertrophic scars are thick and elevated scars that can develop after plastic surgery. They form when the body produces too much collagen and scar tissue while healing a wound. Hypertrophic scars and keloids have similar causes and treatments. However, keloids are
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Having Your Plastic Surgery in a Public Hospital vs a Private Hospital

Public vs private hospital for plastic surgery

Is It Your Choice? And What Is the Difference? Planning for plastic surgery raises many questions for patients about what the process will look like, and what decisions they will need to make. Patients often wonder if their plastic surgery should be performed in a public hospital, or a private hospital. While there is no
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What Is The Waterfall Effect? – Potential Complication after Breast Implants Surgery

Waterfall deformity breast implants

The Snoopy Dog Deformity after Getting Breast Implants Between 5 to 10 million women worldwide have breast implants. Around 30% of women remove or exchange their implants within ten years after breast augmentation surgery because of a breast implant deformity or complication.  The waterfall effect or the snoopy dog deformity is a kind of breast
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Pneumothorax – Potential Complication of En Bloc Implant Removal


Pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung, is one of the risks of en bloc implant removal Pneumothorax complication occurs when air builds up in the chest cavity and prevents the lung from expanding normally. A lung may collapse only partially and heal by itself, or it can become a life-threatening condition and require surgery. Patients with
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What Is Lupus And How Can It Affect Your Plastic Surgery?

Lupus and plastic surgery

Lupus Can Increase the Risk of Complications during and After Plastic Surgery Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in different healthy tissue and organs in the body. This chronic disease can increase the risk of certain complications during and after plastic surgery. These include delayed wound healing, excessive bruising, increased bleeding, and increased
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